episode 10 - the joint sessions of the chiefs of kief

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We may have survived the rabid dogs' assault at the end of the last episode, but now it's time to blow this shit-smeared popsicle stand and escape for good! With the help of (spoilers) our long-lost brother Ben and Burt, Ryan's nightmarish living bong, we're gonna snatch our freedom from the unpleasantly literal jaws of our enemies!

Of course, it wouldn't be Highpocracy if we didn't solve some problems along the way. Covered this episode: how to avoid a dystopian future in which we are all slaves to our own cardboard surrogates, the issue with surgeons with artistic aspirations, and just what the heck are all these Portugese children smoking.

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Oh, also this is like... a season finale or something? Things are gonna be different around here next season. Probably better. Maybe worse. We promise it will be familiar, but not too familiar. You get the drift.

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"Special" thanks to everyone who's been following along with our adventures so far. Spread the word of our brilliance far and wide! Seriously, tell your friends to listen. We don't have a studio anymore, so we'll probably need some couches to crash on as we tour the country.

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